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Jay Schorr to stage ‘Telethon for Hollywood’

to help financially beleaguered city


Mayoral candidate wants to raise funds

for Hollywood and boost morale


HOLLYWOOD, FL - How does a city on the verge of bankruptcy raise money? It holds a telethon, of course.

The City of Hollywood, which is looking at a $20 million budget shortfall in next year’s budget, may be getting a financial boost from one of the city’s mayoral candidates.

Jay Schorr, who’s running for mayor of the fiscally beleaguered city announced he’s holding a “Telethon for Hollywood” on Labor Day in downtown Hollywood, an event Schorr says is designed to bring the citizens of Hollywood together, raise human capital in the form of community volunteers and to spotlight the fiscal and administrative mismanagement that has plagued the city for years.

“The mayor, commissioners and city staffers have manifested an abject lack of knowledge of how to manage a budget, and worse, they’ve shown their propensity to lose track of a million dollars in taxpayer money,” said Schorr, referring to the amount of money the city spent in 2013 and 2014 without commission approval – a violation of city code, concluded the Broward Inspector General's Office in its preliminary report.

Schorr says he’s recruiting some of Hollywood’s most talented performers to entertain the crowds, as well as those celebrities who hail from the city but who have gone on to successful entertainment careers in Hollywood, CA, the city which lent its name to South Florida’s Diamond of the Gold Coast.

Organizers say the “Telethon for Hollywood” will place particular emphasis on recruiting community volunteers to help staff city parks, community centers, Crime Watch patrols and serve in other service-oriented roles that may have been eliminated or diminished because of the city’s austerity budget.

“The telethon is going to bring the citizens of Hollywood together like never before,” Schorr said.  “We’re going to raise the bottom line both financially and socially.  If you cultivate people you always realize a hefty profit, in both dollar terms and increased quality of life.”

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