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About Jay

A native of Queens, New York, Jay moved to South Florida in 1974. He attended the University of Florida and Florida Atlantic University, graduating from FAU in 1979 with a B.A. in Political Science. Jay attended law school from 1979 to 1980, taking coursework in contracts, civil procedure, torts, property, criminal law, Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), and other legal topics.

Creativity and Foresight for Hollywood

Wanting to pursue more creative endeavors and utilize his G-d-given innovativeness and visionary talents, Jay decided to pursue a career in writing and communications. In the past three decades, Jay has become an internationally renowned, award-winning author, television writer and producer with credits spanning a diverse array of media projects. His sit-coms, news programs, talk shows and screenplays have earned Jay a reputation in the entertainment community as a one-man creative think tank; a visionary who plumbs the depths of imagination and beyond.

In the early ’80s Jay created and developed two network sitcoms and a variety of syndicated programming fare. By the end of the decade, having earned a reputation as the go-to creative guy for breakout television and other media projects, Jay formed his own media company, TMR Multimedia, to fully capitalize on the wealth of opportunities presented by newly emerging media technologies.

Among his first clients were the Bell Companies, for whom Jay developed the world's first Video Yellow Pages. Dubbed CTV, it employed a synergistic methodology that made it a forerunner of today's internet-based directories and enabled heretofore competitive media including newspapers, Yellow Pages, television and radio stations to join forces and complement each other in a symbiotic, profit-oriented venture.

Communications Expert

The ability to communicate effectively and persuasively is essential for any elected official.  Jay Schorr has mastered the art of communication, and will put that to good use as Mayor of Hollywood.

As President of TMR Multimedia, a Florida-based television production company that develops and produces syndicated television and radio programs, his creative repertoire also includes a daily radio program he developed in English and Spanish for a major national newspaper publisher.

Jay created and wrote Kmart’s mega-successful advertising campaign, jingle and hit single, “I Found Love At A Kmart Store”, sung by country music star, Darryl Worley.


Jay's journalism credits include articles and features for high profile media outlets such as Reuters, Cosmopolitan and The Miami Herald.

Add in a little country ditty Jay wrote entitled "I Need A Slow Dance With A Fast Woman Tonight," and you've got the creative bases covered!  Creativity Jay will put to good use in making Hollywood a prosperous city with a great quality of life for everyone.




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"Pure Country" footage courtesy of Warner Bros.

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