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Jay Schorr: Good News for Hollywood


Dear Fellow Hollywood Citizens ... Friends:

I am NOT a politician.

I am a citizen of Hollywood who has had a enough of the career       politicians who are ruining our city.  The egomaniacal hacks who  think public service is an entitlement program.

If you're sick of the 'usual suspects' who term-out of one elected office and move on to another, with nothing more to show for their efforts than milking taxpayers and padding their own pocketbooks, I'm the candidate for you.  Because I am one of you.  A citizen who wants the best for Hollywood and its residents.  A citizen who will work for you, not against you.

There are a lot more fun things I can think of than running for elected office.  Like getting a root canal treatment!  Or watching grass grow.  But our city is in trouble.  And it's time we as citizens step up, and the career politicians step down.

Why I'm Running for Mayor:

Hollywood is a city where gross financial mismanagement, an increasing crime rate, lack of a coordinated redevelopment plan and other problems reign supreme.  These problems are symptomatic of incompetent, unresponsive city officials who lack the requisite foresight and capabilities to make Hollywood a true Diamond of the Gold Coast.

As a citizen of Hollywood, I want to help make our great city the best that it can possibly be for those who live, work and play here.  Hollywood deserves nothing less.

Qualifications, Experience in Government and Professional Background

I am a renowned visionary in the fields of marketing, advertising, entertainment and government.  As a writer, I created a national advertising campaign for Kmart, written books represented by some of the world’s most famous literary agencies, and created an initiative-based system by which citizens can enact their own laws.  I want to take that initiative-based system – which gives voters direct input into the law-making process – and implement it in Hollywood.

Hollywood, My City of Choice:

I first moved to Hollywood more than 30 years ago, where my wife and I lived in a condo on A1A north of Sheridan Street.  After some years of living outside the city, we moved back to Hollywood four years ago where we reside in the Hollywood Lakes area.

 I love the city’s understated elegance; it’s sleepy, yet, vibrant feel.  Hollywood is a hidden jewel nestled between its urban neighbors to the north and south.  Its beautiful beaches, quaint downtown and eclectic architecture are a study in contrast and diversity.

Hollywood's Most Important Issue:

We need to change the way City Hall does business - and fast.

The city is running deficit budgets, and the City Commission is running the city into the ground.

The commission – or more precisely its dysfunctional nature – is threatening the quality of life of every Hollywood citizen.  Without a cohesive, ethical and competent legislative body, none of the city’s pressing issues can be satisfactorily addressed.  Whether it be financial oversight, smart redevelopment, crime reduction, encouraging commercial investments and/or raising the quality of life for all city residents, it all starts with a responsive city government.

Hollywood, We're Not Going to Take It Anymore.  Let's Take Back OUR City From the Corrupt Politicians Who Have Stolen It From Right Under Our Noses.

I am a visionary with a proven track record of success.  I am NOT a politician.  I am an outsider who is not going to tolerate the status quo.  You can never change things for the better by keeping the same policies and mindset that led to the problems.  The citizens of Hollywood have made their voices clear:  It is time for a major change at City Hall.  I am that change.

Here's to our victory in November!


Jay Schorr


Radio spot :60

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